Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of us browsing the internet for years, and we have to know about some simple and helpful Browser Keyboard Shortcuts. I am posting these browsing productivity tips for new users. These are the most commonly used browser keyboard shortcuts that work in Internet Explorer, Firefox browsers and many other browsers.

Enter a word in the address bad press CTRL + ENTER to auto-complete http://www.*.com/. For example, type google in the address bar and press CTRL+ENTER, the browser will automatically convert to

SHIFT+ENTER auto-completes the *.net and CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER auto-completes *.org.

# Ctrl + D (to bookmark the current page)
# CTRL+E to focus the cursor on search bar in the browser.
# CTRL+N to open a new window.
# CTRL+T to open a new tab in the current window.
# CRTL+W to close a tab.
# F11 to toggle between full-screen and other views.
# ALT+HOME to go to the homepage.
# F5 or CTRL+R to refresh the webpage.
# CTRL+F5 to force refresh the current Web page, even if the timestamp for the Web version and your locally stored version are the same.
# CTRL+I to open the Bookmarks/Favorites box.
# CTRL+H to open the History box.