20 Cool Photoshop Tutorials

20 Cool Photoshop Tutorials

Want to learn some Photoshop tutorial, Tips and Tricks. Ok so am Posting some of the best Tutorial Links Here from which you can learn so many Photoshop Tutorials. But Photoshop Lady is one of My Favourite site from where you can get so many Photoshop tutorials.

So here are the Some of the Best Tutorial Links:

1. How to make the Transformers movie text.

2. How to Turn a Image into a Beautiful Paint.

3. How to Add Fire Effect in Text

4. Give Your Photos a Retro Comic Book Effect

5. Creating A Cool 3D Web Design Effect

6. How to Make Photos More Suggestive

7. Adding Reflections To Sunglasses

8. How to Change Hair Color

9. Expressive lighting effects

10. Hair colored in just few minutes.

11. Turn your photo into movie-like effect

12. Dusky Lighting Effects

13. Transform a person into an alien

14. Photo Editing / Retouching

15. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect

16. Tutorial for soft cell shading

17. 3D Typographic Effects

18. ‘Bee Movie’ Text Effect

19. Giving a Mafia-Look to a Business Photo

20. Fantasy Art

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